The Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat is a miniature goat of West African origin. They are small in size and come in many different colors. Their small size means they do not take up as much space as their larger dairy counterparts. The Nigerian goat has a gentle, friendly personality, even small children can handle them with ease.

They are also a true dairy goat, producing as much as two quarts of milk per day. The milk has between 6% and 10% butterfat, with a higher protein content than most other dairy goats.

Because they are herd animals our policy is to not sell just one, unless your farm already has other goats. Being an only goat is very lonesome because goats love companioship.

We do castrate our young bucks, if you want to purchase a male for a pet. He will then be called a "wether". Wethers make exellent pets, and they get along well with both bucks and does. We also disbud our goats and they are all vet checked.