Bill is the big bread winner and the tractor driver. Bill works as a mold maker, a trade he has worked at for over 30 yrs, he is also a hunter, fisherman and Iron Man, running marathons and participating in Iron Man events. Diane is a licensed child care provider, has owned her daycare for 29 years, all the children love the animals.

Zachary is the oldest child having gone to school to receive his Bachelor's degree in graphic design. He is the creator of the website. Zachary lives in Boston, MA and works as a graphic designer. Shelby, our daughter is an RN, has two children Ali and Jacoby, she is married to Ruzbin and they live four houses down from our farm. Shelby also works at the daycare and helps with the animal care, especially giving injections and trimming goat hooves.

On our farm we have 5 dogs (one is currently being shown to her championship) 4 house birds, a rabbit, 18 goats, 1 llama, 3 horses, 7 geese, 100+ chickens, ducks, and pigs.