Our mission at Stoneyhill Farm is to provide wholesome, natural foods in an environmentally friendly manner. We want our livestock to live as stress free of a life as possible, eating only foods appropriate for their species. Ex: herbivores only eat forage and grass, no antibiotics or growth hormones.

We maintain a herd of American Guinea Hogs, selling piglets for breeding stock and for meat. We raise poultry for meat and eggs, our birds are free-range. In 2013 we will start a flock of heritage turkey, raising them for sale at Thanksgiving.

The farm has a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats, and we show and milk our goats, and our plan is to use the milk next spring to make our own cheese and soap. Our farm does occasionally have goat kids for sale.

We breed West Highland White terriers, and currently have a litter available for sale, we also breed Cairn Terriers, and will be expecting a litter in the spring.

Visitors are welcome to our farm by appointment only as the days are very busy here. In the fall of 2013 we are planning a "Harvest Dinner" using all the food grown on our farm, if you are interested, call us for more info.

Our future plans for the farm include selling our pork, turkey and chicken at local farmer's markets, so Keep your eyes open for Stoneyhill Farm products.

Thank You From,
Bill and Diane Sicard